The last application
you’ll ever need.

Simplify your business operations with Tlayen, the all-in-one software that tracks projects, automates the admin, and gets the whole team in sync.

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Serving small and medium sized businesses who:

  • Sell products or have goods-in and
    goods-out operation processes
  • Deal heavily with e-commerce and inventory
  • Are struggling to achieve efficient and effective
    interdepartmental communication
  • Are in “growth mode” – growing from a handful of
    team members to 15+
  • Work remotely or have a geographically
    distributed team
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Seamless on all devices

Business problems...

  • Inefficient communication and administrative
    processes between departments within a
    growing company
  • External software overload – companies typically
    purchase subscriptions to many different softwares
    for their different needs. It’s a lot to keep track of,
    and it’s expensive, too.
  • Multiple systems and double-work in workflows
    and recordkeeping processes
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Business solutions...

  • Tlayen centralizes all of your business admin – the emails,
    documentation, invoices, chat. We’re doing away with the
    need for a bunch of external softwares on the work desktop.
  • Tlayen removes silos between departments and team
    members – all communication and content is digitized,
    automated, and synced
  • We show businesses all the ways in which their current
    softwares and recordkeeping processes are
    inefficient/prone to mistakes.
  • Tlayen provides customizable automations.
    Businesses can tailor the features of their Tlayen hub
    according to their team’s needs and preferences.
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Save you and your team time, money, and energy. So you can focus on innovation and sales – not on “why aren’t things working as well as they ought to?”

We’re a small group of business owners and tech
entrepreneurs, specialized in business systems
involving heavy amounts of inventory and
e-commerce management.

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It’s a simple equation of time.

The less time you spend on the bureaucratic admin, the more time you have to make sales, grow your company, and think up innovative ideas.

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Ordinary – life without Tlayen:

  • Bogged down in day-to-day admin
  • No cross-team tracking of project statuses
  • Sales calls not followed up
  • Inventory not properly tracked (+ customer satisfaction down)
  • Internal messaging is lost
  • Inefficient timekeeping
  • No clear task lists
  • All cobbled together into an ad hoc business system, using multiple softwares aimed at different problems
  • Paying a bookkeeper or administrator to account for all of these gaps and inefficiencies (entire roles that you could automate!)

Extraordinary – life with Tlayen:

  • A team that’s making sales efficiently and effectively
  • A team that’s communicating efficiently and effectively
  • A team that knows its tasks and roles
  • A team with lower stress and more spare time

Passion backed solutions

We care about making business simpler. Businesses should be able to focus on trading whatever it is they trade – skills, time, goods – without admin hiccups bogging them down.

We love watching small businesses innovate and grow sales efficiently, and we think it all comes down to the power of process.

We want small business owners to know that their operations can be fully-systemized, and in a hands-on, user-friendly way. Tlayen has it perfected. We automate your operations, so you can focus on business.

Easy steps to start

  • Book a sales call.
  • Take the requirements questionnaire
  • Get your customized software up
    and running for the team.

Just a few of the things you can do with Tlayen:

  • Email and quick chat with
    your teammates and clients
  • Track your product
  • Record your invoices
    and sales data
  • Import and perfect your
    customer databases
  • Automate your
  • Store your files – documents,
    images, video and more
  • Tlayen is the all-in-one business management software that centralizes your email, billing, inventory and more. A fully-systemized hub for your business so that you can focus on the important stuff.
  • We’re passionate about making business simpler. Admin hiccups shouldn’t bog down your talented team. Lost communications, double paperwork, 10+ software applications on the desktop… sound familiar?
  • We firmly believe in the power of process. The more automated and efficient your operation is, the more time your all-star team has to innovate, sell, and do all the amazing stuff they do.
  • Let’s do away with software overload and keep all the business stuff in one custom space. Centralized content between team members and devices. Customizable automations.
  • Click less, correct less, pay less. It’s the last application you’ll ever need.

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